Client Portal Instructions


Home Page / Dashboard

  • Here you can see an overview of contact info.
  • See your forms of Payments on your account.
    • Credit Card
    • ACH bank account
  • See an overview of your Account Balances.

Finance Drop Down > Invoices:

Invoices Page:

  • Here you can view all past invoices.
  • Sort by status.
  • And even pay if you click the emblem.

Finance Drop Down >Estimates:

Estimates Page:

  • Here you can view all your estimates.
  • Sort by status.

Finance Drop Down > Payments:

Payments Page:

  • Here you can view view all past payments.
  • See your credit balance of payments that have not been applied.
  • Make new payments.
  • See you outstanding balance.

Finance Drop Down >Documents:

Documents Page:

  • Here you can view documents that are linked to your account.
  • You can upload pictures or documents of your own for us to see.

Work Request Page:

  • View all work request you have submitted.
  • Submit a new one click New Request.

Work Request Form:

  • Fill out completely to request new work.

Rate Us! Page:

  • Here you can leave us a review of the services we perform.

My Profile Page:

  • You can add a credit card.
  • Connect a bank account.
  • Toggle on or off requiring a user log in:
    • If you enable it you must:
      • add a email.
      • set your password.
      • Save Changes.
  • You can also see your payment history.

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